Automation Solutions


Have you ever experienced as how it feels like to walk into your home and all the lights and the central cooling systems automatically switches on?

Welcome to the modern era, the world of space automation!!!

A typical home automation system is composed of a set of equipment categorized according to Lighting Control, Security, Climate Control, Networking, Curton Control and Entertainment. Automation of the lighting control lets you conserve energy as the lights just automatically turn on and off as necessary as well as dimmed. Automating the space security system protects you from night prowlers and thieves, preventing them entry into your space without warning. Climate control on the other hand regulates the temperature surrounding your room. You get to save energy in this case, too, because it automatically switches off when there’s nobody in the house. The entertainment system allows you the opportunity to customize and control your entire music library by a mere click of the remote control.

Home automation is very flexible

You can combine all these categories into one or even create new settings, too.
For instance, you can dim the lights while turning on soft music at the same time. Many years ago, the concept of home/office automation would seem preposterous, but with technology constantly evolving, anything is possible.
Every room is unique with it’s own attitude and temperament. Be it a typical day or a special affair, your home possesses the ability to personify your disposition, to mirror your mood. Eager to please, it remains poised to serve its master. Unlock the hidden talents that lie dormant within, transforming your home into a living organism with a personality as distinct as your own. A sophisticated sanctuary, where the atmosphere is all at your command.

An automated home is about the convenience of saving your time and effort by having your home automatically do routine functions such as watering your grass (but only if it has not rained recently), or turning off all lights, setting the thermostat to economy mode and arming the security system when you retire for the night. It’s about enjoying home theater time by having the lights dim, curtains close, TV and DVD player turn on, phone mute and popcorn popper start.
All with the touch of just one button on your touch pad.

Home automation is about the security you have knowing that you can look in on your home remotely from anywhere in the world, or that your home will phone you if anything is amiss, or that a fire will alert your home to wake you, shut down the gas and ventilation system, turn on a lighting path for your escape, and automatically phone the fire department.

And it’s about the energy savings you will enjoy by assigning your home the responsibility of regulating the operation of lights, water heater, HVAC system, entertainment components, appliances and irrigation system so these devices are on only when needed. We advise use of optimum Solar Products which includes – Solar street Lighting, solar pool heating system components, solar water heating systems, solar cooking systems, home automation, solar garden lights, solar outdoor lights, solar roofing systems, etc.
The benefits of an automated home are only limited by your imagination.

On your behalf, our experts can set up:
Complete home automation, smart home design and systems, customized home theater with structured audio, video and wiring distribution, intelligent lighting and appliance controls, home security, networking, central vacuums, installation tools and accessories, and so much more…

what we do?
Turnkey Home Theater and Automation solutions which seamlessly addresses lighting control, audio-video, communication, digital display, climate control, Energy management, air-conditioning, Security and safety needs of today’s advanced homes/offices.

  • Architectural / Innovative Imaging
  • Innovative wall mount docking and charging stations
  • Led and Fiber Lighting
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Touch Panels and Control Systems
  • State of the Art Luxurious Displays
  • Motion Sensing Lighting
  • Motorized Curtains and Blinds
  • Customized Home Theater Design
  • Mobile Based Applications
  • Energy Saving Lighting
  • Wireless Audio and Much more..

The possibilities are endless!!!