It is the spontaneous ideas that make a lasting impact on life. This certainly includes the foundation of our company in the 90s.   At the beginning of 2015, we relocated our laboratory, materials and materials testing and technical advice to our headquarters and today employ about 50 people in Moers, Seoul and Shanghai. We have been working intensively on the subject of permanent magnets and magnet systems since the early 1990s. We have never seen ourselves as a dealer without influencing production. We have researched and improved production processes and we have introduced new ways to produce better products with our own team of technicians. That is why we are today one of the most respected suppliers for development of NdFeB magnetic materials and systems worldwide, with offices in Germany, Korea and China. Our created connections in the global industry have also brought us to many loudspeaker manufacturers. We have learned that since the 90s, many information in the transmission of speech and music for marketing and cost reasons have been rationalized. The loudspeaker industry played into the hands of the music industry. The quality of the reproduction went downhill for years. Both the speaker and the music industry devote themselves to compressed and loud productions, made only for small and very small devices such as smartphones. We want to break this cycle and have decided that “this” can be improved.  Better through our own speaker development in Germany  Better by using high quality components in production  Better because our speakers sound incredibly good even without a DSP  Better for playing dynamic music and voice reproduction Thus they contribute to a significant weight reduction of the vehicle. Typical applications are loudspeakers, subwoofers and hands-free systems. Further those raw materials are more and more used for professional sonication, where smaller versions and lower weights are required. High remanent and high-temperature resistant magnet qualities also enable the usage in acoustic transducers at extreme conditions. Die excellent anti-corrosive characteristics and variously coating possibilities are other factors to guarantee a long lifetime and an optimal performance of the final product. AlNiCo magnets are solely used for special loudspeakers, where music playback is rather used for vintage-similar characteristics (guitar-amps) or for modern broadband loudspeakers.

Slimmest Loudspeaker
Unique Technology
Smallest form factor
Different sizes to choose from
Custom colors
Beautiful designed auditorium of university
Beautiful designed auditorium of university
Nearly invisible and versatile speaker
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Beautiful designed auditorium of university
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